The Demolition of Freeport History and Public Use Places – Oakdale Nature Preserve

Freeport, Illinois — A group of local citizens, us included, are concerned about the future of one of Freeport’s most unique and treasured buildings. A building that graces the grounds of Oakdale Nature Preserve.

The building we’re referring to is the historic Tabernacle which has brought tens of thousands of memories to people over decades of time.

Many feel the Park District has ignored the this building. They fear its fate may be similar to the lodge which was demolished last year. A demolition many say they knew nothing about until it was going, again, ourselves included.

We sat down with a group of those concerned who believe that decisions have been made in the past and will continue to made without the public being aware. For that very reason, we bring you this segment.

Please share your input, thoughts, comments and suggestions.

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