The Stephenson County Fair Officially Kicks Off July 5 And Here’s Everything There Is To Do

Stephenson County, Illinois — June 4, 2017 — It’s that time of the year that everyone loves — fair season! The smells of deep-fried Oreos, Elephant Ears and Cheese Curds fill your noses. The sound of children screaming on roller coasters and other rides fills your ears. There are so many different parts to a fair that it can be hard to decide what you like best.

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The Stephenson County Fair is a worthy destination for all visitors, offering a once-a-year treat, national-quality entertainment, and a wide variety of affordable experiences for families and friends.  The fair is a safe place where you can have fun and gain or enhance an appreciation of County Fair’s agricultural and rural heritage.

For many of us, the fair is embedded in our family DNA.

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This year the Stephenson County Fair runs from July 5th, 2017 through Sunday, July 9 at 4:00 pm. It is where the agricultural and nonagricultural communities meet, equal parts carnival, encampment, family reunion, homecoming day, fish fry and block party.

What do people love about the fair? Here’s a few reasons.
1. The food

This is probably many people’s favorite part of the fair. There are so many different delectable kinds of food to try at the fair it’s just something you can’t pass up. From slurpies to elephant ears and everything in between, nothing beats fair food when the fair rolls through town.



2. Rides

This is another popular aspect of the fair. Whether you like the non-scary rides, such as the the teacups, or the ones for the more adventurous, such as the Kamikaze or the Zipper, fairs have something for everyone.

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3. Concerts

Concerts may not be at every fair, but you do not want to miss them when they come to your local fair. There can be a wide variety of musicians who might play. For example, popular country artists as well as rock ‘n’ roll bands. There are also some great local acts that serve as openers for these musicians.

4. 4-H and livestock exhibits

It is always nice to see younger kids putting in their time and effort on these projects. Walking around the barns and seeing all there is to see is a definite treat. It’s nice seeing younger kids start to learn these skills as well.


5. Local Shopping

Local vendors have so many interesting products to showcase. Jewelry, beauty products and hand-crafted items line the fairgrounds. You don’t know what kind of finds you’ll discover while perusing the shops. It is also great because you get to shop locally, which means you are supporting local businesses

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6. All The People

You meet so many different types of people at the fair, if you’re a people watcher there’s nothing that can compare to being at the fair.

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Along with what people love about the fair, the Stephenson County Fair also offers dozens of other activities for everyone to enjoy. This years full schedule of events is listed below. You can print them out or save them.

Gates open Wednesday July 5th at 7:00 a.m! Don’t miss Gary Allan & Back Country Roads performing at 7:00 p.m in the FHN Grandstand!

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Wednesday – FREE GATE for ALL AGES!

Thursday – Saturday

​FREE       7 and Under

$2.00      8 to 11  years

$5.00      12 years and up


$2.00       Ages 8 and Up

7 and Under – still Free!

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Tickets may be purchased online by clicking here. Tickets may be purchased at the fair office Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. ​Tickets may also be purchased by phone for will-call pickup at 815-235-2918.



Jeff Becker – President

Gary Mielke – Vice President

Valerie Weber – Secretary

Kraig Wheat – Treasurer


Scott Brenner, Susie Dvorak, Stacey Evert, Denise Hayunga, Bruce Johnson, Tiffany King, Kim Meier, Pennie Miller, Monica Pierce, Danielle Rogers, Jacob Snook, Becky Thomas

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