They’re Not Just For Your Dog – Keep Fire Hydrants Clear In The Snow

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Those colored and sometimes decorative hydrants that sit on the corner of your property or your neighbors property in the neighborhood aren’t only for your dog, they’re actually to help save your home or your neighbors home in case of a fire. And in fires, seconds count.

The city of Freeport wants everyone to know that residents will see Freeport Firefighters out shoveling snow away from the fire hydrants this week. The city says with the amount of snow received, and the potential for more snow in the near future, many fire hydrants are covered in snow. The city of Freeport says their are over 1200 fire hydrants in the City, so they’re asking residents to lend a hand. If you see our firefighters, go help out or, just clear your snow completely around the fire hydrant 30”-36” and a path cleared leading to the street so they don’t have to.

The city says it could save valuable time should there be a fire and the hydrant needing quick access by our firefighters.



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