This Week Inside Pearl City Schools

Pearl City, Illinois — Pearl City students learned about the history of agriculture by sorting seeds out of raw cotton at school this past week. Each student was given a bag of cotton and had to sort the seeds and debri out so it could be sold pure.

They learned about the importance of the invention of the cotton gin, and the impact it had in the south in the early 1800’s.

Ag Pearl City students are pulling the seeds out of the cotton by hand without a machine to relive history.

Agriculture instructor, Mr. Tom Bull received the raw cotton from a farm in Alabama.

Additionally the Pearl City 4th Graders visited the Freeport Art Museum on December 1st for a tour of the Native American Gallery.

Art Pearl City 4th Graders enjoyed their visit to the Freeport Art Museum

Students learned about different tribes in class and came to the museum to see artifacts from those tribes.

They finished to trip by doing a hands-on project of a parfleche – a Native American pouch. After the field trip students will be creating a pinch pot and woven basket in art.


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