United Means, “Made One” – What We All Should Remember after tomorrows Election

Well, tomorrow is the big day isn’t it. It’s the day we elect our next President, the President of the United States of America.

Wow, to just think back on all we’ve gone through to get here.

While this election was certainly crazy, I don’t know that it necessarily tops the list of most dramatic or precedented times in our lives. We’ve had a lot of tough decisions over the centuries.

While we all have opinions, differences, thoughts and ideals if it’s okay with you, I’d like to remind us all to not forget the most important part of the whole thing.


We’ve come a long way over time. I can’t even fathom a time we had slavery, oppressed people. How horrible of a thing to do to another human being. But we’ve witnessed a lot of that in our lives haven’t we.

We’ve all read history and we know throughout the span of time there have always be evil rulers of people, populations and cultures of the oppressed. Whether Indians, Jews, Black people, Christian’s, Non-Christians, Witches or Women.

We have sure done some awfully horrible things to one another.

At the end of it, we share this planet together. We share this country, this state and this city with one another.

I see actions and behaviors in us that scare the living hell out of me. Some I am rest assured in. We fight, we clash and we argue while we all claim righteousness and truth in our opinions.

We shout racism and racial slurs as if to validate our stance, while we argue with our black or white or cultural neighbors. We never even notice the separation we are playing part in.

Humanity has come a long a way.

Thankfully there have been people who have stood up for us. Not me, not you, but us together. Thankfully, there have been people who’ve stood up for harmony, peace and humanity.

No matter what happens tomorrow, no matter if “your candidate” wins or loses, we have to stick together as a people. Our stances and arguments and positions that we are all so passionate about, cannot be the very driving force that puts a wedge between us.

We’re all the same.

In all of our differences and preferences and desires and passions, we are all the same here. No matter what you believe, we are all born the same and we will all die the same.

God, no god, three gods, you’re a god, Obama, Bush, Clinton or Trump.  We’re all brothers and sisters here. We all have a commonality.

This is the UNITED States after all, right?


United means, “made one“.

Are we united? Am I my brothers keeper, watcher, helper? Are you mine? Are we really free? Are you free? Have we reached common unity, harmony or do we still have a long ways to go in this United land we all live in.

Do you think maybe we are all just a little bit hypocritical? A little maybe? Couldn’t we all, especially at this time learn a lesson about each other here.

As passionate as we are about tomorrows election, life has a much bigger picture doesn’t it.  We’re moving in that direction, we’re trying, we’ve made leaps and bounds towards equality of people but we have a long ways to go.

There’s fighting all around us. Wars, turmoil and people who hate America. While we have a host of issues in our political environment which I think we all know of, we can’t let the fog divide us.

I love America.

With all of its history, I really don’t know if we’ve truly created the best Country in the world or not, but I do know one thing. We have to be kind to one another. We have to respect one another, celebrate our differences, delight in our individual passions and we have to constantly strive for peace and harmony among us.

Tomorrow’s election won’t decide whether we are able to do that or not. As corrupt as our establishment is, none of it decides that.

Sure, media may influence it, sure some people fall in line and follow it but we control peace and harmony among us. You do, I do.

How I decide to treat you and how you decide to treat me is what matters. Whether you wear glasses, whether you’re skinny or fat. Whether you have pimples, whether you’re pretty, whether you’re ugly or whatever your color or wherever you came from, I decide and you decide our harmony.

After tomorrow, what do you say we all make that decision.

In all our differences, United.

In all our passions, respectful.

In all our ideas, open.

We don’t have to all agree and that’s the beauty of it all, but we do all have to get along.  Kids seem to manage to do it pretty well, so how about we all give it a try too.


Happy voting everyone. See you around town.

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