VICE News Descends On Freeport For Lincoln Presenters HBO Segment

Freeport, Illinois — It wasn’t but just two weeks ago when history again was made in the city of Freeport, Illinois, as around 7 dozen Abe Lincolns took over the city as part of the annual Lincoln Presenters conference.

Freeport was chosen as the site of the 2018 Annual Conference by ALP members in April 2016, and the conference was organized by local librarian Laura Keyes.

Along with the dozens of photographs taken and news coverage from the day, reporter Alexandra Jaffe was also in town filming a report for VICE News, which aired April 24, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

The report that aired is below.

You can read the full VICE News article here.

View additional information and coverage of the event here.


Cover photo: Screenshot of video

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