YES We’re Open During Cruise Night In Downtown Freeport – The Who’s Who of Who’s Open

Freeport, Illinois – Alright everyone. Are you ready for Cruise Night 2016? Oh yeah, we know you are. So, during your fun visit to downtown Freeport tonight, make sure you put these businesses on your “to do” list, because they’ll be open serving up some great food and great fun for the masses at tonight’s Cruise Night event. Here’s some additional stops to add to your “places to see” in downtown Freeport, Illinois.

hilldale-dairy-cruise-night-2016-open1. Hilldale Dairy & Deli

Hilldale Dairy & Deli will be open tonight from 4:00 until 10:00 p.m. Featuring specials all night long, Hilldale Dairy & Deli is located at 30 W Stephenson St by the courthouse.

2. This Is It Eatery & Eats & Sweets Coffee and Cafe

Yes This Is It Eatery will be open with great specials for Cruise Night 2016. Enjoy $2.00 Draft beer with their  improved kitchen and staff. Don’t miss out on their special Cruise Night menu. This Is It Eatery is located at  16 N Chicago Ave.  Eats & Sweets Coffee and Cafe is located directly across the street

3. Rock & Rust

Rock & Rust is a new store in downtown Freeport and they’ll be another downtown business open for Cruise Night 2016. Rock & Rust carries vintage, primitive, antique, shabby and farmhouse chic. Furniture and accessories, jewelry, glassware, glitter, rock and roll, and rust. For Cruise Night Rock & Rust will be open from 12:00 (noon until 9:00 p.m. Located across from This Is It Eatery

4. Pretzel City Shop

Without question Pretzel City Shop in Downtown Freeport is the Pretzel merchandise headquarters. From shirts, to hats to all kinds of Freeport items, (including Mrs. Mikes potato chips) they are hands down Freeport’s  one stop pretzel shop. This Saturday from 3:00 pm-8:00 pm Pretzel City Shop is offering an exclusive 10% discount off all their merchandise in the store.  Pretzel City Shop is located at 5 E. Stephenson Street

5. Union Dairy

The Union Dairy will be open for Cruise Night. Come enjoy ice cream and walk around looking at all the cars. The Union Dairy will have a few flavors outside in the parking lot as well as all 51 flavors inside to choose from.  The Union Dairy is located at 126 E Douglas St and open until 10:00.


Is your downtown business going to be open during Cruise Night 2016?
If so send us an email at
and we’ll be happy to add you to the list.


2 thoughts on “YES We’re Open During Cruise Night In Downtown Freeport – The Who’s Who of Who’s Open

  • August 13, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Cookie Jar has stated on Facebook that they will be open also.

  • August 13, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    Dragon Popcorn is also said to be open tonight. Dragon Popcorn is located at 23 W Exchange St and carries hundreds of flavors of Gourmet Popcorn

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