Our Take On Today’s Question of the Day – Transgender Access To The Opposite Sex Bathrooms

In our question of the day for Wednesday, November 4, 2015 we asked viewers the following question:

There’s been some news recently about a “Trans-Gender” student in Illinois who won a case in Federal Court allowing them access to the opposite sex bathrooms, locker rooms, etc…  In other words, a student who was once a guy (and physically may still be), who now is a girl and they want access to the Girls locker room. How do you feel about the issue? Has America crossed the line here, or do you think they should be allowed in just as if they were that same sex. Share your thoughts.

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Question of the Day: There’s been some news recently about a “Trans-Gender” student in Illinois who won a case in…

Posted by Today In The Port on Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Here’s Our Take.

There are 2 uncomfortable sides in this situation.

If you envision a 12 year old girl who now has to undress in front of what is/was a boy, it’s not very hard to realize that many 12 year old girls are going to feel “extremely” uncomfortable. On the other side, the boy (who is a girl) has already done that. They perhaps didn’t feel comfortable, but they and all those who were in the locker room or bathroom before have already seen everything and what they saw, matched. Not an argument, just fact.

There is something however to say about people being born “feeling” like the opposite gender. Transgender.  If people can be born attached to each other as in Siamese twins, or with 3 legs, 7 fingers, mentally or physically disabled or any of the hundreds of other ways people are born, it’s not hard to believe they could also be born in the wrong gender. Some people are born with both genitalia. Life makes mistakes. I have thoughts as to why, but perhaps another time, another article.

I have personally seen 11 year old girls though, who were “born boys” and they are absolutely, unequivocally a girl. In their mind, personality, language, mannerisms, feelings, everything. They do not seem like a boy at all and vise versa. It’s not fake or made up. They really feel this way and some are disgusted by their “born” physical gender. Grossed out by it. Some also get ridiculed in their own gender correct bathroom or locker room. I have also seen boys with facial hair and really bad wigs as well as girls with short hair and blue jeans who I don’t believe are transgender at all.

Adolescent transgender children don’t want to go through puberty as the sex they were born, so there’s a huge push among transgender teens to make the physical change prior.

As it relates to this question, you can’t force other children to accept this right away and you certainly can’t force other children to accept “nakedness” right away. It shouldn’t even be about that, nor should the conversation even start there. “Hey, I’m transgender, can I change my clothes or poop in front you?” Yeah, doesn’t happen that way. It shouldn’t be an issue, especially in schools, but the media and social activist lawyers and organizations create it. Students can change in the coaches office or the teacher’s lounge. There are hundreds of other ways to handle where you “change your clothes” or where you use the bathroom and it can be done without any uncomfortable situation to anyone and without national media coverage.

My fear with all these types of topics in our country is one, the conversation is what breeds it and two, lawyers are the one’s who argue all of these things in courts. They are attempting to pass laws left and right. Where does it end? A lawyer can make an argument about anything.

For example, what about the guy who just got out of prison for rape, but now says he’s sorry. Say’s “he’s changed” and deserves to be around children again. What about him? Or what about the 50 year old teacher who is now a woman (or a man) who came out late about their gender mix up and now, they want to be in the locker room or bathroom too. This issue opens up what I call the “what’s next” syndrome. Should we force restaurants to buy bigger chairs to accommodate overweight people? Skinnier chairs to accommodate thin people? Should we really just allow anyone anywhere who says “hey, I’m transgender” access to such personal and private parts of other people’s lives and bodies? Does that open the door for others to pretend? “Hey, they just passed a law that allows transgenders in opposite sex locker rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms.”

There has to be a line and our view, the line is life itself.

Big media companies and propaganda machines pump this out into the public with the attempt to try and culturize it. They show one person, or even thousands of people who are for it, and they use that to present it to us as if it represents what “the people” (of 318 million) think. It isn’t, but what they’re counting on is that merely because you “think” it’s how the nation feels, you’ll cave and you’ll start feeling the same way. Don’t be fooled.

Transgender may be very real to some, but nothing worthy of this type of media discussion and nothing that can’t be handled in school simply by a teacher or staff (or classmate) saying, no problem, just use this bathroom. Who’s gonna know. If the 13 year old (or whatever age) argues that they “have to be” in the girls or boys locker room after that, I would seriously question their motives. If we, as an audience continue to listen to these types of stories and are fooled by their intent, it won’t be about treating transgender people fairly as a human being, giving them rights, it will prove to breed them and it will become an epidemic. Everyone is already is gay, this is what’s next.

Ultimately, life is Male and Female. It cannot exist, work or operate any other way. Gay’s, transgender’s, or even if you were born thinking you’re a monkey, no one would be here without a Mom and a Dad, a boy and a girl.  A “gay people” world can never survive. Transgender people can’t either. Gay’s and Transgender’s have to at least be very respectful of the very nature of life, or they themselves wouldn’t even be here to fight for Gay or Transgender rights in the first place.

In addition, those who are gay or transgender, whether they truly feel born the wrong way or not, they bear the responsibility to always live with the ultimate respect for life, which is, Male, Female. If I was born with a rare contagious disease it is not the rest of the classroom who needs to sit in a plastic bubble, it is me.

It is also about acceptance of other people. People who accept each other can and will work it out between themselves. It’s about respect. Two friends, one straight and one transgender, are never going to argue over where they change clothes or use the restroom. It just isn’t going to happen. Acceptance and respect also gets rid of being made fun of for having braces, glasses, being overweight, too smart, too dumb, a limp, crazy eye or any of the other many things people get “ridiculed” for.

Transgender’s should always be under the knowledge that they are different, and they have to accept that. Similar to the overweight person, (or skinny person) they have to accept their family is overweight, (skinny) they were born overweight (skinny) and they have always been overweight (skinny). Doesn’t mean they can’t lose weight, (gain weight) but they have to accept their family and life makeup. Restaurants shouldn’t have to buy bigger chairs to accommodate them, or smaller chairs. Similarly, if your parents were alcoholics, or paraplegic, or worked too much and were never around, life deals everyone it’s own set of troubles.  Transgender, is yours.

If you were born gay or transgender, life itself says it’s not natural, not to mention it kills your entire blood line. Any uncomfortable part due to however anyone is born has to lie with that person, (without ridicule from society), not others. I want to stress without ridicule from others. It’s the law of life.

It’s not your fault I’m gay, transgender, overweight, skinny, paralyzed, or born with 3 heads. I would hope you’d accept me, treat me fairly, and I would hope you’d love me, but we don’t have to get naked or pee together to co-exist happily and if you believe I am genuine in my belief that life dealt me the wrong gender, you’ll have no problem letting me in the locker room or bathroom anyway.

I, at the end of the day have to deal with it though because that’s my life and sometimes life just isn’t fair. Love can still exist in an unfair world but let’s not be fooled people. Love’s fruit does not hinge on bathrooms and locker rooms.


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