Pearl City Students Learn Fire Safety With Visit From Pearl City Fire Department

PEARL CITY, ILLINOIS — You can never learn how to be too safe which is why firefighters from the Pearl City Fire Department took the day off to help and teach Pearl City students about fire safety. Students learned about fire safety using the smoke house and techniques taught by Fire Chief Schneider and Knoup.

First photo – Pearl City Fire Fighters taught our preschool students what to do if there is a fire using the smokehouse.

Pearl City Firefighters teach students how to evacuate the smoke house.-resized

Second photo – Mrs. Bunker’s Class all received Firefighter hats for participating in the training. Great job kids!!!

Mrs. Bunker's Kindergarten Class -resized

Third photo – Chief Schneider and Koup talk about the importance of what to do if there is a fire.


Fourth Photo – Chief Schneider and Knoup taught the stop, drop, and roll to our students and how to check and open a door incase of a fire.


Fifth photo – The Pearl City Firefighters help students out of the window during the smoke house drills.


The Pearl City School district would also like to thank their Fire Department and first responders for their time, knowledge, and dedication to the community.


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